About us

Henry Theodore Gaddum established the family’s first UK links with textiles when he launched as a silk merchant in Manchester in 1826. Today, Gaddum & Gaddum Ltd, led by Toby and Jane Gaddum, still trades in silk yarns and fibres, and also use the near 200 years of textile knowledge to provide guidance, products and service in:

Classic Corporate Wear where we specialise in the supply and branding of workwear for small to mid-sized companies (10 to 2000 employees), and in the embellishment and personalisation of sports and casual clothing for schools and universities.

Tempus, combining our technical textile knowledge with our team of skilled designers and machinists to offer our own range of British made clothing for spa and beauty therapists.

We are a family business, based in the lovely Staffordshire Moorlands town of Leek on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, which has a long history in silk, textiles and clothing manufacture. Between 1875 and 1877 William Morris travelled to Leek to learn everything he could about dyeing and printing with natural dyes from Thomas Wardle at his Hencroft Works, and Leek had a thriving community of sewing factories until the late 1990s. We are thrilled to retain some of those skills in Classic Corporate Wear and Tempus, as well as training a new generation to sustain the local trade.

Please contact us for information or guidance, we’d be delighted to help.